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Best Brand Bottlers, Inc. FAQ's

How do I go about getting a sauce that I made in my kitchen turned into a product that can be sold in stores?

At Best Brand Bottlers, Inc. we have simplified the process for you. Go to our How to Launch a New Product page (Go to our Start Ups Page) and you will find step by step instructions that will put you in business quickly.


How do I know that my formula will not be stolen?

Best Brand Bottlers is a faith based operation and we pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and ethics. We would never steal your formula and we protect others’ recipes as if they were our own. In addition, we will mutually sign a Confidentiality Agreement which legally binds us to protect your company proprietary information.


How much does it cost per case?

There are many variables that impact production costs. After we gather more information about the requirements for your specific product, we will be in a better position to quote projected costs.


How do I convert my recipe to a production formula?

Best Brand Bottlers, Inc. will handle the conversion for your recipe. Keep your recipe in the most basic commodity form possible… salt, sugar, vegetable oil, black pepper, etc. Remember to accurately record the weights, measures and steps of your recipe, including temperatures and times if the item is cooked. We will take it from that point and scale your formula up to batch size.


How do I get the product nutrition facts analyzed?

Best Brand Bottlers, Inc. has in-house staff and referral laboratories to assist you with this service.


How do I get my labels designed and printed?

Contact our graphic artist, Ryan Fletcher, who will help design your label in a format suitable for the label company that will be printing your labels. Ryan has extensive experience in food label design and requirements. Or, if you prefer, we will be glad to provide referrals to other qualified professionals who handle these services.


How do I select a package?

Package selection is driven by many variables including type of sauce, target market, order volume, distribution requirements, container design, cost and availability. We will work with you to identify an effective, efficient and attractive container that best achieves your needs.


How do I go about selling my product?

Know your market and don’t hesitate to launch an assertive sales plan. Be confident and positive. Make sales calls. Every store, restaurant and grocery chain operates differently, so don’t be hesitant to call and ask for a presentation or an order. Even the big box stores will talk to the “little guys” and often turn them into the “big guys”.

What are the services you are contracting for?

The services that you will be contracting for vary from customer to customer, but usually they include the following:

1. pH testing. This is so we can be sure we are authorized to manufacture your product for you.

2. Recipe Replication. This is so we can be sure we can recreate your recipe to your satisfaction

3. Formula Creation. This is so we can be sure that we can manufacture your recipe on a large scale.

4. Nutrition Analysis and Ingredients Statement. This is to provide your nutrition panel and ingredients for inclusion on  your label.

5. Food Processing Authority Letter. This is to provide a Food Processing Authority Letter, which is transferrable and any co-packer should be able to manufacture your product with a copy of this letter.  We work with you and an independent lab. 

6. Pricing. This is to provide you a per case price for the minimum run and one price break for twenty pallets and up.

7. Manufacturing Package. This is to provide a full package of all the information that I mentioned above in both soft and hard copies. After all, it is your recipe and your product.


• Where are records to be kept? We keep all production run copies on our premises in both soft and hard copy. 

• How will final product quality be checked? The two things that we must check for during the production process are pH and temperature. After production we check to make sure that the lid/cap for each and every unit has a vacuum seal and/or tamper proof shrink bands.

• What ingredients and supplies are you responsible for purchasing or providing? This depends on the type of co-packing job we will be performing for you and is negotiable. For example, a toll packing job is when you simply wish to have us manufacture your product and you purchase everything, have it delivered to us, and we do the rest.

• Will there be samples furnished for your approval prior to the first production run? Will there be storage/stability or finished product tests? During our R&D process we produce samples for your approval before the first production run. We keep one unit for quality control for the life of the product. 

• Are you to be present and consulted during processing plant runs? If so, are you covered under insurance or Workmen's Compensation? Due to liability concerns, we do not allow customers in the production facility during production. 

• Will you have any coverage under the manufacturer's product liability insurance? If so, what will it be? We have a $3M product liability insurance policy. Note that it will be necessary for you to furnish your own liability insurance to sell your product.

• What are the critical factors which must be met in processing, such as pH, packing temperatures, or heat processing? Require documentation that these have been measured and met. Our critical factors are pH and temperatures. We check these factors during the production process and document them on our production worksheets, which we keep on file in hardcopy and softcopy.

• Are ingredient substitutions accepted? What are the limits? Are these covered in your ingredient specifications? Note that manipulation of ingredients may render your ingredient statement or nutritional information on your label inadequate. During the R&D process we work with you on ingredient specification and recommend ingredient substitutions. This is critical to your recipe replication and production formula. We won’t change ingredients without your approval. In most cases ingredient substitutions are mostly made with regard to availability and sources.

• The contract should note scheduled processes which must be filed and certifications which must be obtained. If the product is listed under a marketing program such as “Fresh From Florida” there must be certification of use of required ingredients. Our contract notes this. We are a participant in the Fresh from Florida program. 

• What is the delivery date of the finished product? Must it be immediately removed from the premises? We require a 4 week lead time for production and we prefer that the product is removed immediately. We work with you to arrange freight shipments from our facility to your facility or distribution center

• What are the payment terms? Our payment terms are 50% down and the remainder on delivery.

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