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Start Ups and New Recipes

The most difficult thing for startups is how to go from the kitchen to commercial production. It can be a daunting task without a plan. The first things you need to consider are the costs to produce your product. In order to bring those costs down, you should never use branded name items. These are specific flavor profiles that bring the costs up dramatically. For example, tomato juice is tomato paste, water and spices. You must make your recipe from the most basic ingredients possible. Our food product development engineers have experience with new recipes and new businesses and we are here to help you get through the process with our Product Portfolio.


Step 1: Copy and fax or email the Confidentiality Agreement with a return fax number and email address. Our Research and Development (R&D) Manager will contact you.


Step 2: Send a sample of your finished product along with a completed recipe template (Click here). We require the measurements to be in weighted ounces, weighted grams, fluid ounces, pounds and/or gallons. Preferred formulas are in percentages. The greater the detail the more accurate the results will be. Remember, we source all raw ingredients in bulk.


Step 3. After we receive and test your product and source the ingredients, we will make a sample one gallon batch of your product. Usually this will yield anywhere from six to twelve bottles, depending on pack size. R&D (Research & Development) labor, analysis is included in our Product Portfolio (call for more information). Average times for R&D are about ten hours depending on the complexity. At the end of this process, you will have a formula in percentages, weights and measures. This will be a finished product for you to approve the flavor profile and packaging selected. Once you approve the recipe replication and are satisfied with our services, we will then provide nutritional analysis for your formula(included in the Product Portfolio). Your recipe/formula belongs to you, along with all the information you need to design your own custom label and to take to any major manufacturer in the country you have chosen for production. We hope you choose us. We offer a solution to getting you started. Be prepared to invest and we will provide you with the real costs to produce in quantities.


Follow-up Steps:

- Lab Testing – your product will have to be tested by an independent lab to determine shelf-life and stability. We are a process authority. However, we must have third party formula verification and a Process Authority letter for your particular formula and product. A Process Authority letter is included with the Product Portfolio.


- UPC/Bar Code – you will need this for your product. We recommend you use GS1 as your supplier. However, there are much less expensive alternatives. We recommend an inexpensive alternative to GS1. GS1 is used by the big boys and us. But to get started you need not incur this expense. Once you get major distribution on the multi-state level, you can always implement a bar code change. Trust us, it is not a big deal once you are in the system.


- Nutritional Information – We will provide the ingredients and nutritional information for your labels and packaging. This service is included in the R&D process.


- Label - If you have existing artwork for your labels, we will include this in the finished samples from the R&D. If not, you will need to get a graphic designer to produce a design. We have a referral network and will assist you in contacting him. This process will enable you to produce a commercially acceptable label for your product.


Additional Step:

After the previous steps are completed you will have a production package. Marketing and sales can be achieved with your initial samples. Our minimum order for hot sauce is 250 gallons, any items packed larger than a 5 oz. bottle is a 500 gallon minimum packed in 8 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz. or 24 oz. bottles. There are many sizes and container options to choose from. Please contact us for Food Service minimums.

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