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Best Brand Bottlers, Inc. Lola's For Charity

How Lola Helps

Lola helps by providing 10% of gross profit to one of her many favorite charities. Here is how you can help. Each month vote on  your favorite charity from our list of worthwhile causes. The greatest number of votes will determine who will receive a donation of the proceeds from your generous purchase of a Lola’s product. Lola wants people who are sick to be healed; children with no families to be adopted; people to never worry about food, shelter and no heat; and to help our veterans in need. Lola says, “most of all, I would like to see people start caring for one another.” We ask you to help us support this effort of providing for those who can’t provide for themselves.

Lola’s Exclusive Gourmet Sauces:

  • Lola’s Fire Roasted Tomato and Garlic Salsa has a savory taste and flavor with versatility like no other salsa. 

  • Lola’s Gourmet Pepper Relish is like no other hot pepper relish you have ever tasted.

  • Lola’s Smokey BBQ Sauce has a sweet tangy zesty flavor with just a hint of heat.

  • Lola’s Capper, Garlic and Olive Pasta Sauce is so rich and unique we only package it for two.

  • Lola’s Spanish Style Salad Dressing is another one of our classic offerings.

  • Lola’s Serrano Pepper Sauce will soon become famous among hot sauce connoisseurs around the world.

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